Our vision. . .

To contribute meaningfully to a transition to net zero-energy housing optimised for use of low embodied energy materials, and designed robustly for climate resilience, especially rising world temperatures.

Our mission. . .

To select appropriate products that cause minimum environmental harm and implement optimum solutions to address the environmental crisis we face.

Our core values. . .

  • To aim for excellence in what we do, looking at the detail, setting specific objectives and delivering the best we are able.
  • To admit our mistakes and address problems openly and promptly when they arise, accepting that imperfections are inevitable, and  attitude is key.
  • Profit is not the only capital. Valuing people and the environment are essential. Connections to clients, suppliers and partners are important, and should be respectful & co-operative in nature.
  • Housing is important for all people regardless of economic status. We will work to provide affordable, sustainable, housing solutions without compromising essential quality, either in performance or design.
  • A rigorous and scientific approach to solutions covering building physics and building biology.
  • Commitment to robust design processes, including mitigating for future overheating risks.
  • To select for appropriate quality, recognising that the cheapest is not always the best. Houses must be robust for minimum 100 year life.
  • To intelligently consider new ideas/products when they arise.
  • To embed high quality education in the way we operate.
  • To work in context of a global world, adding value locally where possible, while accepting local is not always the appropriate solution.
  • To promote and increase the intelligent use of timber in the built environment and encourage a revitalised timber industry in the UK alongside significant re- planting of managed forests.
  • Ensure anyone in the company can feel empowered to speak their mind and initiate change.
  • To become an employee owned company in the medium future.

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Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) was developed to address these concerns and perceived risks associated with innovative construction. BOPAS is recognised by the principal mortgage lenders as providing the necessary assurance underpinned by a warranty provision, that the property will be readily mortgageable for at least 60 years.