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The thing about us is we’re passionate about Passivhaus. In an age of rapidly rising energy prices we need to make our buildings perform as efficiently as possible. The Passivhaus standard with its fabric first approach offers very low energy usage, comfort and quality.

We design using sustainable methodology and a firm belief in using natural, renewable materials where possible. Using the Passivhaus Planning software ensures that the exacting Passivhaus standard is met, in the most economical and sustainable way. Our designs often incorporate living roofs and wildlife habitats to ensure that the environment benefits as well as the occupants.

jonathan at work

Jonathan Williams BSc

After financing his way through university at UEA (more years ago than he cares to remember) by doing some casual building work Jonathan ended up doing this full time for the next 30 years as the managing partner of Williams & Partners, a building company which specialised in historic building conservation and the use of natural, renewable building materials.

“This approach to building conservation was born of the realisation that historic building fabric needs to breath to avoid many of the problems which have bedevilled our listed churches and houses. The same approach, allied with the use of high tech building membranes can be used to create highly energy efficient and healthy to live in, new buildings”.

janet not at work

Janet Cotterell, MSc, Dip Arch

Author and architect, with experience in designing certified Passivhaus buildings, Janet is motivated by working to produce quality, aesthetically pleasing buildings achieved through thoughtful design and teamwork with people who share common values and interests. Whilst being pragmatic about material choice she prefers natural, locally sourced products.

Appropriate use of energy is critical in today’s world and Janet believes the best way she can contribute as a Passivhaus architect is to ensure that the building’s fabric is insulated and detailed well and to ensure the whole team has a proper understanding of building physics.



Janet is the co-author of The Passivhaus Handbook

adam also working sustainably

Adam Dadeby, BSc (Hons), Dip. Arch.

Adam’s background is in IT, ten years working as a business analyst, before which he worked in public sector management and in business language training. Adam completed his post graduate studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

‘I believe that Passivhaus, if done right, has a proven record in delivering benefits to the householder or tenant, as well as helping to address wider economic, social and ecological issues. At Passivhaus Homes, I want, wherever practicable, for us to construct our buildings using low impact materials. By designing as an integrated team, I believe we can do this without compromising on our commitment to cost-effective building’.

Adam is the co-author of The Passivhaus Handbook

When not working Jonathan enjoys thinking about working.

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