PH15 is an optimized construction system, designed to simplify all the technical aspects of building up to the 2025, 2030 and 2050 Climate Change Carbon Targets. This includes net zero carbon for operational energy, using the Passivhaus energy efficiency standard, and for embodied carbon using timber frame and non fossil fuel based insulation’s. PH15 is a complete construction system that details and supplies the thermal airtight shell of your project, including triple-glazed windows and a heat recovery ventilation system. PH15 utilizes modern methods of construction, pre-cutting the timber frame off-site. 

By choosing to build with PH15 you can address the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge Targets today. PH15 easily achieves this level of performance using timber based materials that sequester carbon. The carbon embodied in the PH15 timber superstructure is also offset with tree planting in the UK. An efficient whole house ventilation system ensures excellent indoor air quality and the associated health improvements from conditions such as asthma. 

PH15 is an intelligent pathway to net zero carbon housing. PH15 is tried and tested, avoids undue cost uplift or complexity, and includes technical support for architects and builders. PH15, for a rapid and successful transition to radically improved new housing.

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What is a Passivhaus?

Designed for ultra-low energy consumption combined with consistently good air quality. . . .
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About Us

Passivhaus Homes is based near Totnes in South Hams, Devon and in North London

In the UK we continue to construct new houses with minimum insulation, lots of thermal bridges and air leakiness. The result is houses that are carbon and energy intensive, are expensive to heat and suffer from condensation and poor internal air quality. PH15 is an alternative construction method that addresses these problems. Timber frame house constructions are common in Nordic countries and in Canada/US, where the self build market contributes over 50% of new houses built, and market/social housing is built by smaller family sized businesses. We would like to see a shift towards a similar pattern in the UK, away from the big ‘six’ volume developers. The UK must de-carbonise new housing to address the climate crisis we now face. PH15 comfortably delivers to the required 2030 standards now, ensuring low energy bills, healthy indoor air quality. PH15 can be accurately costed pre-planning, we advise typically 4-6% above current building regulation standard. On site, PH15 de-risks achieving the necessary demanding air-tightness target of maximum 0.6 ach @ 50Pa, our average result being 0.3 ach @ 50Pa.

NOTE: By adopting PH15 as your preferred construction method does not require you to certify to the Passivhaus standard. We have certified most of our early projects to demonstrate that PH15 is fully compliant to Passivhaus performance levels. 

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Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) was developed to address these concerns and perceived risks associated with innovative construction. BOPAS is recognised by the principal mortgage lenders as providing the necessary assurance underpinned by a warranty provision, that the property will be readily mortgageable for at least 60 years.